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Designing an Airbnb Plus Property

In the world of Airbnb, gaining higher visibility is essential to increase bookings and attract more customers. The Airbnb Plus status will give you this edge, but in order to attain it, your space will have to be stylish and well-designed.

White Dahlia Design

There are several factors to consider when designing an Airbnb property - the most important is fulfilling the needs of your clients, but also considering how you want your property advertised overall. Consider what type of clients you want to attract and what type of experience they will want. Depending on your space, it could be a serene beach vacation or a high-flying metropolitan industrial vibe! Once you've decided on your style, it's key to decorate accordingly and we've got you covered with our handy Airbnb guide! We'll help you gain visibility with general tips and helpful decorating suggestions to start you on the path to Airbnb Plus status!

Growing Your Audience

In the modern world, social media is the greatest tool to draw attention to your Airbnb property. When designing your space, focus on how to make it distinctive and appeal to potential clients on social media who may share your property with others.

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It's important to create a statement piece in your Airbnb, a specific area that will stand out and make your property recognizable and unique. This space could include an Instagram-worthy statement wall, a vibrant and quirky kitchen, a creative seating nook, or a pop of artwork! It's time to get creative, make your space stand out in the crowd, and grow your business for the future.

Make It a Home

In an Airbnb, it's the little things that set the property apart and make a client feel at home. We've put together a few examples of important décor and accessories that help create a homey environment and a memorable client experience!

  • Coat and Towel Hooks - Place hooks in the bathroom for towels or in an entryway for sweaters and jackets. Hooks will add an important storage feature to your space!

  • Entryway Console Table - It's a great idea to have a convenient place to put keys and other items needed on the way out the door.

  • Unique Artwork - No one wants to look at a blank wall, so make sure to add those little pieces of art throughout your space to make it feel like home.

  • Faux Plants and Greenery - Accessorize your space with plants to bring a pop of colour into the room!

  • Speakers and Sound Systems - Bring music and comfort into the space with built-in speaker systems.

  • Everyday Appliances - Think of the things you use every day and add them to your property - a coffee maker, kettle, or hairdryer will go a long way to make your clients comfortable.

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Pro Tip: Consider adding luxury bonus features like heated towel racks or flooring to make your rental property memorable!

Airbnb Project By: White Dahlia Design

We had such an amazing time working on this project, overall home really came to life in a beautiful way. This space was transformed into a calming environment for vacationers to a small beach town. It is all about making the guest feel comfortable, welcomed, and at home.

Before After

Before The Design After

We hope you picked up a few tips on how to design an Airbnb Plus property! Remember to have fun with the design as it's the perfect opportunity to be bold and make a statement. The more your Airbnb pops, the higher your visibility will be! If you need some help getting started on your design, feel free to visit our website and explore the packages we offer. We'd be pleased to help you realize your Airbnb dream!

White Dahlia Design Team


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