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Elevating Your Airbnb To Become A Super Host

The design of rental units is not new for us, and it's one of our all-time favourite spaces to create! Short- and long-term rentals were already very popular prior to the pandemic in 2019, but during 2022, according to Airbnb, vacation rentals have seen an increase in revenue by 40% in the US alone, making them a very popular spot when travelling today. Often, Airbnb hosts prefer to gather inspiration on their own and DIY all of the space in their rental, including sourcing and purchasing decor and furniture. Oftentimes, they even will take on major renovations by themselves.

Today, realizing all of the hoops and delays that a project like this entails, hosts now recognize the value of hiring people like us - interior designers who have valuable skills and insight when creating the perfect investment spot for you and your guests!

We want to share a couple of examples we have recently designed and that are a huge success! Let's start with a beautiful vintage eclectic space we loved, a one-of-a-kind unit that stands up in the market.

The Bentley Hotel - Historic Walker’s Point Home – Milwaukee, US.

Design By White Dahlia Design

The design intent for this space was to create the perfect home-away-from-home experience with multifunctional areas and furniture for both business and pleasure! Some of the must-haves were a gender-neutral colour scheme and design, a touch of greenery all throughout, a combination of black hardware with trendy brass and gold for that chic vibe, fun artwork, and a wet bar that stands out to have fun!

Design By White Dahlia Design

We created a warm, elevated, young look through the use of pops of colour, natural fibres, unique lighting, and plenty of seating for guests. In this space, the kitchen is the main focal point, highlighting the beautiful vintage brick wall and open shelving for the display of decorative items. For the overall colour palette and materials, we used a combination of deep blues, bright yellows, teak wood, and rattan. For a more intimate look, in the bedroom, we used richer tones such as terracotta, greens, and greys.

Design By White Dahlia Design

Like the results? You can find a bit more on this listing here.

Why hire an interior designer?

White Dahlia Design

As designers, we will always make sure your space reflects not only the style you are aiming for, but also, highlights the best of the attractions in the area, offers a unique experience to remember, and is functional over time for different targeted markets and demographics. Our Airbnb clientele has been growing over the years, and our various experience has taught us that the rental market is always changing, growing, and evolving.

Interested in how we work? Here is a quick overview of our design process:

Step one: Intro call and preparation.

Our workflow for rentals starts by going over the details of your wants and must-haves on a complimentary intro call. We discuss your specific needs regarding space, functionality, style, budget, etc. Once we have more specifics on square footage, areas to be included in the design, pictures of the space, and inspiration images, we can then give you a quote.

Step two: Design and sourcing.

We carefully create a curated shopping list for you! You can select décor, furniture, and finishes options from a wide variety of stores. This variety of items will reflect the style and budget intended. You have one round of edits included in which we will adjust and revise any changes requested by you.

Step Three: Putting it together.

Our 3D designs will be your roadmap on how to put the rooms together. We combine the images and dimensions of your space and create a 3D model that showcases the décor and furniture items you previously selected. This is a great way to see the overall design and ensure you are completely happy with the space!

Step Four: Ordering and Delivery.

You don't have to stress out because we got you! We coordinate the ordering and delivery of all of your items so they are delivered to your door. You can then follow the design provided to you in order to place all of the items and achieve that finished look! If you are a local to the Kitchener/Waterloo areas and you do not have time to unpack and put the rooms together, you can purchase a VIP service option where our team will do this for you!

How to Stand Out From Your Competitors?

Design By White Dahlia Design

We have put together a few key tips that will make your rental unit stand out and that will offer your guests a unique experience!

Know your targeted demographics: Are you intending to attract young adults, families with kids, business people, or maybe a combination? The overall design of your space must reflect this - from the amount and type of storage to colour scheme and finishes. Each little detail will create an overall vibe that can impact your guests in a unique way!

Maintenance-free strategy: When selecting fabrics, area rugs, and finishes, always think about durability and use. For high-traffic areas, go with stain-resistant area rugs, acoustic flooring, wipeable surfaces, and covers that are easy to throw into the washer. You want to be able to reduce time when cleaning and avoid having to replace pieces often.

Avoid cluttered space: Provide guests with plenty of storage options for clothes, laundry, luggage, and food. Storage needs to be easily accessible and functional. Take advantage of furniture pieces with dual storage capability such as sofas, ottomans, and coffee tables.

Business travel: Always provide a space to sit down and use a laptop! this area must include access to a comfortable chair, a desk high surface, access to power, a USB connection, plenty of natural light and good acoustics for video calls. A large percentage of travellers work remotely, and perks like these will attract more people.

Give your guests something to remember you by: If you want to splurge on something, a nice Instagram-worthy spot in your space is the right way to go! In the era of bloggers and influencers, you want to offer something different. A nice focal wall with graphics, a map, wallpaper, a bold design, or anything you think will highlight your unit and the local attractions. What makes the destination unique? find a way to include that in the design.

To find out more about our process, you can read our How Online Interior Design Works post or take a look at our how we work video. In the meantime, we want to share a second project we recently did and really enjoyed putting together!

Emerald Lakes, Pennsylvania, US

Design By White Dahlia Design

The design intent for this beautiful mountain cottage was to create the perfect house to gather with family and friends, or for a business trip with the main goal of creating an atmosphere to disconnect and unwind. This unit offers the best indoor and outdoor activities, so we wanted to blend both and create the perfect interior oasis.

Design By White Dahlia Design

Deep blues are used in the design of the bedroom to create that breezy lake feeling with unique lake views. We created an outdoorsy vibe by adding nature graphics and bringing wood and greenery textures and colours that are paired with a combination of earthy and rich tones. If you like this space and want to find a bit more, you can find a link to the listing here.

Design By White Dahlia Design

Airbnb Key items To Have (And Often Forgotten)

We love versatile decor and furniture items that not only look very nice, but are also super functional and of good quality. These are some of our all-time favourite Umbra must-haves for your rental space! A photo display is great to have must-see attractions info, souvenirs for your guests, or just handy information. An entryway organizer is also great to place your keys and maps of the city or neighbourhood. We also love the idea of having a wall map where your guests can pin where they are from! You can add more pins over time and have a nice memory from people who stayed at your place. For storage, we can forget coat racks and hooks with added mirror options and shelves for decor or other ready-to-grab items. All items are available through us, just click on the item's name!

These were just a couple of examples of how we can help elevate your Airbnb experience! For more pro-tips on creating that perfect super-host experience for your rental unit, you can browse for some more ideas in our Designing an Airbnb Plus Property or Getting Your Income Property Rented In An Unpredictable Market. Not sure how we can help? Feel free to schedule a complimentary intro call with us! We are sure we can make the process of creating the perfect Airbnb investment stress-free and exciting.

We would love to hear from you!

White Dahlia Design


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