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Top 3 Reasons Why 3D Design Is A Game Changer In The Real Estate Industry

Activa Hickory Unit - By White Dahlia Design

If you are part of the real estate industry where you belong to a builder team, a real estate firm, or a development company, at some point, you have probably looked for alternative solutions to reduce design times, costly construction mistakes, and shorten the sales cycle for your homes or units. If you haven't explored 3D visualization and how it can help you build, sell, or market, it's important to get familiar with the power of online design in a highly visual world.

Today we are sharing our design process behind 3D modeling and 3 of the amazing benefits that it can bring to the real estate industry.

Let Buyers Picture Themselves Living There

Creating 3D models has become an essential tool for Builders, Interior Designers and Architects in order to show their potential buyers what their space could look like. It's important to be able to show future homeowners and renters how they can easily live in a place through walkthrough videos, realistic renderings, and VR (virtual reality) because not everyone has a good imagination. An empty space or an unimaginative flat 2D floor plan does not get buyers excited. To stand out to buyers, you must get interactive features with beautiful imagery because that's now what buyers expect in our digital world.

3D Design Images by White Dahlia Design

The extensive list of benefits of 3D modeling for interior and exterior designs can vary depending on the industry you are working with, which we will summarize for you today:

1. Stress-Free Planning & Design Phases

3D models provide a realistic representation of the final design, allowing people to see how the space will look and feel before any construction or renovation work begins. This is very important as it narrows down decisions regarding space layout, finishes, and overall design which translates into less miscommunication and quicker timelines.

3D Design by White Dahlia Design

If you are looking for a more realistic view of your space or building, 3D renderings are a great way to do it so. They may be still images but they offer a perfect example of how the design will look once completed, some of them sometimes look almost real that is hard to tell they are not. They are also great for marketing and we are sure they will add lots of value to your construction portfolio. We focus on making our virtual interior designs "shoppable" so your buyers know that a full dining table or sectional sofa can actually fit in the room, it's not just a nice picture!

3D Design Realistic Renderings by White Dahlia Design

2. Modernizes Your Sales & Marketing Strategy

Virtual visualization helps attract potential clients or investors when the space is not available for viewing or is still under construction. The virtual walkthrough of a property allows prospective owners or renters to virtually take a tour of the property without physically being there, which nowadays, it may be important for a lot of people. We have also seen that while providing people with an interactive experience, they can see the potential and details of the unit from different angles which ultimately benefits the agents to show properties to more buyers, in less time. Last but not least, models will help future homeowners plan ahead and work a good space layout with existing and new furniture pieces before they even move in. You can also stand out in the industry by offering customized 3D design services as an incentive bonus to new homeowners!

3D Design and Final finished space by White Dahlia Design

3. A curated design in a budget for STR owners (short-term rentals)

We understand how time-consuming it is to furnish a property for any short-term rental like Airbnb's. It's hard to find affordable designers in different cities which is why having access to a design firm that can work remotely across all your investment properties is efficient which means saving time, stress, and money. Online design or e-design allows you to see your space in a 3D video in order to select your furnishings, making it the best, most efficient, and budget-friendly option for your next investment property. With our 3D design software process, we not only show you two full design concepts but also all of the furniture and decor items we sourced for you from a variety of stores available in your area. We also know how to use unique design features in order to highlight the best parts of the property for captivating listing photos. From murals to a location-specific decor theme and anything in between, a 3D model will give you peace of mind because you will be able to see your unit come to life before any money is invested into furniture or installing any permanent features. For renovations, it's even more helpful to see the end result before investing money and it also helps you get accurate estimates from contractors and trades.

Recent Airbnb designed by White Dahlia Design

The takeaway

A 3D model design can be adjusted very easily, making it possible for you to experiment with different colour schemes, furniture layouts, and lighting options. This flexibility allows for greater creativity and helps you find the best possible design solution for you. If your unit is under construction and not yet ready for viewing, you can use 3D images and videos for marketing material such as brochures, websites, and social media, and showcase the design to attract potential clients and investors.

If you are ready to explore alternative design options, you are just a couple of clicks away! We have different design packages for residential, commercial, and STR spaces starting at $4.30/SF

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